NorthWest EMS

...proudly serving the communities of Northern and Western Allegheny County

EMS Operations

The primary function of NorthWest EMS is to provide fast, high-quality emergency care to those in need. EMS operations covers all the "every day" emergency ambulance calls for service, and represents both the primary activity of NorthWest EMS, and the busiest aspect of it by providing prehospital emergency medical care to the sick and injured citizens and guests of the thirteen municipalities we serve.

Along with the treatment and transport of sick and injured patients, NorthWest EMS is also responsible for providing medical coverage for numerous special events and details throughout our communities. These events include professional, college and high school events, firework displays, musical concerts and other neighborhood functions.

To ensure smooth and highly effective operations EMS Division Chiefs of Operations and in house dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The Division Chiefs as well as our Response Paramedics are routinely assigned to Squad 191 and 192, respectively, for rapid 24/7 response to any emergency scene that may require additional medical backup or EMS command. The EMS Division Chiefs oversee field operations on a full time basis, focusing on system status management, incident command, and medical-backup assistance as well as other duties that pertain to their specific division within the company.

NorthWest EMS ambulances are carefully placed throughout our service area to minimize response times to emergencies in the communities we serve. Ambulances are based out of 5 stations located in Ben Avon, Crafton Borough, North Fayette Township, Findlay Township and our headquarters in Stowe Twp (McKees Rocks.) We also have a sub-station located in Kennedy Township. All locations, as well as strategic posting locations, play a major role in ensuring we have an ambulance in position and ready to respond to any emergency. Management is constantly evaluating emergency and non-emergency calls in all communities we serve to ensure we are providing the most effective and efficient coverage to all of our residents.